Seared Tuna

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Seared Tuna
Serves 2
I’m substituting tuna steaks for canned tuna and fried spiraled potatoes for the potato chip topping. Fresh green beans and scallion curls replace the ever-present holiday green bean casserole.
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  1. 2 tuna fillets, 1-inch thick
  2. Freshly ground pepper
  3. Peanut oil
  4. 2 TB unsalted butter
  5. Coat tuna heavily in pepper.
  6. Heat iron skillet over medium-high heat with a thin coating of peanut oil. Add butter. When foamy, put in fillets. Cook 3 minutes first side, 2 minutes second side for rare.
  1. Sauce
  2. 4 TB unsalted butter
  3. Juice of one lemon
  4. 2 TB chopped green olives
  5. 2 tsp chopped green peppercorns
  6. Melt butter. Add rest of ingredients. Heat through. Spoon over tuna.
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