Duck Donuts: A Sweet Treat

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Duck Donuts OBX

I remember when I was young, every Sunday after church our dad would take all five of us kids to get donuts. It was such a treat for us and incredibly brave on his part to load 5 kids up on sugar. He loved this Sunday morning ritual with his kids, or maybe it was just his way of rewarding us for sitting quietly in church for a whole hour. If we were lucky enough to get to the donut shop at exactly the right time, we could get them while they were still warm – it was a sweet piece of heaven.

Cold or warm, donuts have become an all-American sweet treat, and now you can walk into the brand new Duck Donuts in Nags Head, and get an immediate whiff of the fresh made donuts. Every one of their donuts are made to order and served warm. You can mix and match their creative selection of toppings. Popular choices are lemon-coconut-raspberry or the infamous maple-bacon donut that everyone has been raving about for several years now. Besides the instant, delightful aroma, the cheery atmosphere invites you in as you can watch your order being made every step of the way. The employees are friendly and upbeat and take great care in keeping their work space impeccably clean. It’s fun and nostalgic watching the families stroll in with little ones, their eyes lighting up as they stand on the stoop and watch with anticipation.

Duck Donuts also recently introduced breakfast sandwiches to their menu, using a donut as the “bread.” One variation is sausage, egg, and cheese on a vanilla donut, with or without drizzle and crumbled bacon. A perfect blend of the salty sweet flavors.  

With numerous Duck Donuts all along the east coast, and additional locations quickly popping up, it just made sense to expand to Nags Head. Located in the Outer Banks Mall at milepost 14-ish. Stop in and get your fix of these delightful treats. You can’t buy happiness, but you can a donut, and that’s kind of the same thing.



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