Food With a View 2018

Here on the Outer Banks, we are surrounded by pristine water, beautiful views, stunning sunsets, and majestic waterscapes. Many local restaurants on the Outer Banks provide not only great [...]

Lunch Like A Local 2018

On the Outer Banks lunch isn’t just a meal – it’s an experience. So when it comes to choosing a restaurant, you’re sure to want to head to Lunch LIke a Local. A restaurant the OBX locals love and [...]

Sushi Fusion

SUSHI FUSION Walking into Miller’s Seafood & Steakhouse, you just know that it’s something special. Maybe it’s the smell of great food, the beautifully remodeled building, or maybe it’s the [...]

Rollin’ Sushi with Sanya

Sushi has rolled its way to the United States in the 1950’s and has flourished in popularity. In its original form, it was prepared with raw fish and vinegared rice. Nowadays you can find sushi [...]

Tips on Tipping

Going out to eat is a treat for most of us. You’ve waited all week to go out to dinner with friends, family, or a significant other. You arrive at the restaurant, and one of two [...]


Even though we're rolling into fall, there's still plenty of warm weather and summer-like days to enjoy, and nothing goes better with an OBX ocean breeze than one of these delightful cocktails.


Nothing says winter on the beach like a steaming bowl of hearty stew filled with seafood, potatoes, corn, and a creamy broth (or clear, if you’re going Hatteras style). Chowder is the kind of [...]

Offseason OBX Eats

‘Tis the (off)season! For many locals, that means a break from the busy warm months and a time to travel, visit with friends and family, and maybe even take a nap. What a glorious concept, [...]

Eat Fresh, Eat Local

Chances are there has been a time when you were dining out on the Outer Banks and been in a restaurant that advertised Outer Banks Catch. You may have guessed that this means the restaurant’s [...]

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